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My photos are classic gelatin silver paintings intended for the connoisseur. You will not find computer prints or modern digital techniques here. All photos are made on light-sensitive Ilford ™ matte papers, individually from other well-known companies.The image created in the darkroom undergoes many processes giving each photo a unique expression combined with durability. The charm of each work is unattainable for computer printing. Some of the photos are subject to sepiating processes.Others combine painting, drawing and other artistic techniques. Sometimes you will find gelatin photos on the glass. Another time on cardboard, metal. All of them are intended for permanent exhibitions.I guarantee the number of photos in a given edition. Run out edition will never be restarted and this applies to every group, both Connoisseur and Collector. When you buy one of my works, you can be 100% sure that after it is run out, it will never be reissued. Photographs are make of negatives from artistic sessions with selected models in specific styles. In my gallery you can choose between female photography in the portrait and nude category. Sometimes something from a still life, maybe a landscape. Remember that these photos you will not buy anywhere. Purchasing pictures in the gallery you become a part of the world of classic photography. The offered paintings are an investment for many years. I cordially invite you.